A merger between HEC and ATC Williams results in an expansion of water management capabilities

Water Management Plans

Water Management Plans (WMPs) are usually required as part of a development consent or Environmental Authority. We can tailor a WMP to suit an individual site and corporate requirements

Water Monitoring

We provide a number of water flow & quality monitoring services to support baseline monitoring (climate and hydrology), compliance monitoring, and impact assessment monitoring for both surface water and groundwater.

Mine Site Rehabilitation

We are accomplished in design of final landform drainage for long term stability. We have developed a number of final void models to assess equilibrium level and salinity. We are familiar with the regulatory requirements in terms of mine lease relinquishment as well as corporate responsibility and community expectations.

Hydro Engineering & Consulting joins forces with ATC Williams

Hydro Engineering & Consulting Pty Ltd (HEC) joins ATC Williams’ water management specialists to provide expanded services in hydrology, water supply and water management. Based in Brisbane, the team offers nationwide services in the investigation, assessment, design, and management of water resources to the public and private sectors, with particular and extensive experience in the resource development industry.

The expertise we provide is backed by extensive experience in the design of water supply and the evaluation of water management systems, hydrological modelling, preparation of project environmental approvals documentation, on site water management advice, site auditing, development of procedures for project compliance and provision of expert testimony for court and regulatory hearings.

Find out more about the merger here.


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